Inspirational Women: Nani Marquina

In the last La Algodonera Market Lab we had the pleasure of meeting Elena Marquina, better known as Nani Marquina. A woman who we admire for her tenacity to follow her instinct and becoming one of the most important business designers in the current days.

What defines nanimarquina carpets is something that we also pursue at Mireia Fusté: craftsmanship, design, shape and color. She works with rich textures adding that ‘something else’ that makes them special and authentic. Her goal: “Create rugs that convey emotions and make us feel good”.

She herself says, “It is more typical for women to work with emotions.” And when asked if it has been difficult for her to succeed as a woman, she is clear: “When you are labeled as a woman, you are labeled as a weak person. I had the double label of an artist, creative and woman. And there were those who thought they could eat me. If I had been a man, they wouldn’t have thought that way. ” (Interview in La Vanguardia, March 2012)

Nani Marquina has managed to transform these prejudices into advantages, he has been able to take advantage of the opportunities that life has given her to make herself a name in the world of design beyond his famous father. An unmistakable stamp of quality carpets, with innovative and contemporary design, which are also responsible with the environment and respect the working conditions of those who produce them in developing countries.

For Mireia Fusté, who creates a contemporary jewellery that transforms and claims the personality of the wearer, it is an honor that Nani Marquina wears a necklace from Vínculos collection. We believe that this jewel enhances what makes her unique. Because femininity has many faces and all women live it differently.

Just as nanimarquina carpets are unique to every person, to every space, to every emotion, Mireia Fusté’s jewels are not just an object to wear. Each piece conveys a history and a way of relating to us, which adapts to our way of understanding and questioning the world. The jewel defines the woman who carries it.

Nani founded the company in 1987, guided by his unique desire to design carpets. More than 27 years later, the company continues to offer rugs to a world interested in creativity, quality and innovation. We will continue to fall in love with them.